Friday, September 8, 2023

Energy Attorney and Business Leader Paul Dyson Announces for Texas House District 14

Bryan, TX – Today, Paul Dyson, a 30-year resident of Bryan-College Station and local attorney and businessman, announced his candidacy as a Conservative Republican for Texas House District 14. With a proven business and public service track record, Dyson is committed to bringing strong conservative values and effective leadership to the Texas House.

Dyson released the following statement:

“As someone raised in Bryan-College Station, I was immersed in the unique values and spirit of this community. That is why my wife and I jumped at the opportunity to move back in 2014 and raise our family. From my early days here to my time at Texas A&M, and now as an attorney and business leader, I’ve seen the challenges and triumphs that define us. Texas serves as a global beacon of freedom, family, and opportunity. These enduring principles inspire me to announce my candidacy for the Texas House of Representatives, District 14, as a proud Republican. I am committed to upholding the conservative values that have made Texas and this district prosperous and strong. I want to express my heartfelt thanks to Representative John Raney and his family for their years of dedicated service to our community; John has been a true servant leader for our community.”

Dyson continued, “In a time when our state and nation are at a crossroads, my commitment to conservative principles has never been stronger. I am deeply concerned about our direction as a state, and I believe it’s time for decisive action. Whether it’s fostering an environment for economic growth, elevating the standard of education for every Texas child, or providing meaningful property tax relief to our hardworking families and businesses, my focus is clear. As an attorney, I took an oath to uphold our Constitution and all the freedoms it provides. I stand unwavering in defense of our Second Amendment rights, ensuring the sanctity of one of the core conservative principles: minimal government interference in our constitutional freedoms. And let’s not forget the urgent need for effective border security measures to protect the safety and well-being of all Texans, which the current administration in DC not only refuses to do but has taken the extra step to prevent Governor Abbott from doing. I am stepping up to be the conservative leader who addresses these critical issues head-on.”

About Paul Dyson

Paul Dyson is a distinguished legal counsel, seasoned business executive, and committed conservative Republican from Bryan-College Station, Texas. He is Texas-raised and Texas-educated, having attended Texas A&M and South Texas College of Law. As general counsel for Dyson Energy Group and Infinity Water Solutions, he has extensive experience in the energy sector. Beyond his professional achievements, Dyson is a dedicated community leader who has served on various boards and committees, including as vice-chair on the Board of Trustees for Allen Academy, vice-chair of the College Station Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, president of the Board of Directors for OPAS, and his recent appointment to the board of American Momentum Bank. A loving husband and father of two, Dyson brings a wealth of experience in legal counsel, community service, and business leadership to the race. A graduate of Texas A&M University with an undergraduate in political science and a master’s in business administration, he continues to embody the values and spirit of his community and his esteemed alma mater.