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“We must strengthen our borders, combat rising crime, reduce the burden of property taxes, and guarantee unmatched educational opportunities for every Texan child. Furthermore, it is our duty to resolutely defend the sanctity of life, champion the freedom of speech, and unwaveringly support our 2nd Amendment rights. With the support of principled conservatives in House District 14, I am emboldened in my belief that, united, we will usher in a golden age of progress and prosperity for our community and the Lone Star State. On March 5th, vote for Paul Dyson as your next State Representative of Texas House District 14, and send me to Austin to deliver on our shared values!”

– Paul Dyson

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Rep. John Raney Endorses Paul Dyson for Texas House District 14

Today, Paul Dyson received the endorsement of retiring Texas State Representative John Raney for the House District 14 seat. Raney, who has faithfully served the district for many years, recognizes Dyson’s exceptional qualifications and unwavering dedication to the Republican values that have guided their community.

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Bill Flores Endorses Paul Dyson

Bill Flores Endorses Paul Dyson for Texas House District 14

Former Congressman Bill Flores throws his full support behind Paul Dyson, emphasizing his unwavering commitment to conservative values and his dedication to improving the lives of community members in Texas House District 14. Dyson’s distinguished background as a legal counsel, seasoned business executive, and committed conservative Republican make him the ideal candidate to represent the district’s interests in Austin.

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